Mountain Biking Code of Conduct

Safety first

Helmets should be worn at all times. Gloves and other protective gear are recommended. Safety is everybody’s concern. Always obey the Mountain Biking Code of Conduct.

Stay in control at all times

Always ride within your ability and keep your bike under control. Start easy and always test yourself on the Pump Track and Skills Area before attempting any trails. Losing control is the number one cause of falls. We recommend that you lower your seat as this will help control your bike.

People ahead have right of way

Riders ahead of you have right of way. If riding the multi-use trail don’t forget to keep an eye out for pedestrians and remember they have right of way.

Obey all signage

Signs are there for your safety. Only ride officially marked trails and read all safety information.

Respect gets respect

Be courteous and respect other trail users and the environment. Allow plenty of space between riders on the technical trail features.

Be prepared

Check your bike is in good working order and suitable for the trails. Carry a puncture repair kit, tool kit and first aid kit at all times and know how to use them. If riding alone please ensure you have emergency contact details readily available on your phone or easily discoverable in pocket/backpack.


WARNING: Cattle normally graze at Hadleigh Park from April to October.

  • Please do not approach the cattle
  • Keep your dog under close control
  • If your route is blocked by cattle, please find an alternative

Hadleigh Park has been built to test the best Mountain Bikers cross-country riders in the world. The Black features are not suitable for anyone who doesn’t have elite level riding ability. The Skills Area allows you to practice the skills needed to master the Black features with less severe consequences. ALWAYS test your ability on the Skills Area before attempting any of the trails.

Hadleigh Park is unsupervised and people using the Park do so at their own risk. Children should be accompanied at all times.