Sport for Confidence Sessions

What is Sport for Confidence?

Sports for Confidence is a pioneering initiative which supports people with and without a Learning Disability to participate in a variety of sporting activities. This unique partnership between healthcare professionals, leisure Centre’s and local sports clubs see Occupational Therapists working directly with sport coaches and staff to make adjustments that create truly accessible sport and leisure opportunities.

The role of Occupational Therapy is to contribute specialist knowledge and advice regarding the delivery of activity for adults with learning disabilities and to mentor and observe coaches / instructors.

New groups are developed in response to customer’s needs, with the sport carefully selected based on the advice of health care professionals and the coaches’ expertise.

Hadleigh Park Activities & Classes

Below are the groups which have been established and are developed in partnership with Occupational Therapy at Hadleigh Park.

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Boccia for Confidence: Monday 10.30am-11.15am

This is a fun and relaxed session. It is a seated team game and is fully inclusive for people with a range of needs from mild to complex. It is also suitable for wheelchair users. Support workers/carers can support customers to take part if necessary.  The aim of the game is to get your team’s ball as close as possible to the white target ball. Boccia is unique because the ball can be thrown or kicked. Ramps can also be used for people who have difficulty with gross upper motor skills.

Fitness for Confidence: Monday 1-2pm

This group is a closed group with Seevic College, who offer foundation programmes to help young people with a disability or Learning difficulty with independent living skills. The group offers a different sport each week including, hockey, dodge ball and fencing. Each sport is tailored to the students’ needs and supports their course for independent living skills, using sport to practise life skills.

 Cycling for confidence: Wednesdays 9.45-10.45am

This group offers an exciting experience to practise and improve your cycling skills within the lovely surroundings that Hadleigh Park has to offer, as well as the UK’s best mountain biking courses. We have limited bikes available so please book a place if you would like to join the group.

 Curling and Ball Skills for confidence: Wednesdays 11-11.45am

This group offers a fun and relaxed session, accommodating a larger range of ability. Group members can be supported by carers to take part.  Curling is a fun point scoring team game involving aiming curls towards a dart board style target on the floor. The group also offers a variety of ball skill team games. Ramps can also be used for people who have difficulty with gross upper motor skills.


Multi-sports for Confidence: Fridays 10-11am.

This is a closed group with Brockfield house and offers the opportunity to try different sports and activities each week including archery and dodge ball. Each sport is tailored to the group member’s needs, using sport to practise life skills.


Boccia for Confidence: Once a month (Fridays 11.15am-12pm)

This group is a closed group for a Dementia Day Centre. Boccia allows for maintenance of skills/function, promoting strengths and also offers social elements, all which is important, particularly in the early stages of Dementia.


For further information please contact Lucy Goldup (Senior Occupational Therapist)

Tel: 07931526110


Twitter: @sportforconf