A Roaring Fire to End the Year

Friday 30 December

Our final volunteer task of the year took place recently when 15 geocachers from across Essex helped to remove an area of scrub to create a new glade for wildlife. Armed with loppers and bowsaws, the group cut down mainly tall blackthorn scrub which was then burnt on site. Within a couple of hours, a large area was cleared, which will provide a sunny, sheltered glade that will benefit insects and reptiles.

With over 500 acres of land to manage in the park, it is always a struggle to achieve all we want to and we really appreciate the work carried out by volunteers. This year we have been assisted by individuals attending our regular Sunday and Wednesday volunteer days, The Offshoots, South East Essex Conservation Volunteers, staff from Ford and RBS on away days, and, of course, Sunday’s group. A big thank you to all for your help!