Hadleigh MTB Club

Formed following the 2012 games, the Hadleigh MTB Club is the only mountain bike club to be based at an Olympic venue and the first affiliated club to be founded as part of the legacy of the games.

With British Olympic Mountain Bike star Annie Last as its ambassador, the club aims to become the largest modern MTB club in the UK welcoming members of all ages from all walks of life.

In association with Essex County Council and British Cycling the Hadleigh MTB Club runs coaching sessions. To find out about the sessions and to join the club email: or for more information about the Hadleigh MTB Club visit:

OMX Pro Team

Hadleigh Park is now home to world-renowned cross-country mountain bike team, OMX Pro Team.

Hadleigh Park will be home for the riders of OMX to train together, with coaches and individually on one of the world’s most technically challenging courses.

The rock gardens and features will provide skills training, whilst the steep climbs offer a chance for some serious interval and climbing training. The high-intensity and technical training the riders will do at Hadleigh Park will noticeably transfer into their World Cup racing.

Hadleigh Park also offers the team inspiration. The whole ethos and ambition of the team revolves around the Olympic dream. A decade ago, the team started as a group of local Essex lads who though they had no idea at the time were riding just thirty miles from a future Olympic cross-county track, and who were at the start of a journey that would lead them to 2015 and into Olympic qualification.

For more information on the OMX Pro team visit: