Repairs to Trail Features

Thursday 23 March

Two of the black features have had some works carried out on them this week, these are Leap of Faith and Final Descent. Both of these where suffering from erosion to the natural surface sections (bare sandy ground). This had created an undulating surface with some deep drops changing the bikes position under the rider, and how each feature had to be ridden.

Following some careful thinking, about the most appropriate method of repair a hard repair technique was chosen. For the leap of faith the main wear was a deep drop from a root. The drop was about 30-40 cm deep. To infill the deep drop hard core was carefully packed into it, to make an even level layer. Over this wire mesh was placed, and then pinned into the ground. The pins were the key part of the repair, as they hold the mesh, which holds the concrete on place.









When this was all in place a 4:1 concrete mix was made and applied through and on top of the mesh. A top coat of cement was then laid to provide a smooth finished surface. Into this pebbles were placed. These are deliberately left in the cement, to provide a hard erosion resistant surface. The work was then left for a day to dry and cure.









The Final Descent received the same treatment. Both of these feature are still as difficulty as before, it’s just erosion will be less of an issue.