Hadleigh Park is a nationally important wildlife site spanning over 500 acres with a wonderful range of both flora and fauna.

The variety of habitats that we have include woodland, grassland, scrub, hedges, grazing marsh, sea wall, saltmarsh, ditches and ponds mean we have several very rare species, such as the Deptford Pink.

We are also the only UK site for Hartwort and other rare plants such as the Hairy Vetchling and Bithynian Vetch.

  • White-letter Hairstreak

    Name: White-letter Hairstreak Scientific name: Satyrium w-album Where to find it: The White-letter Hairstreak exists throughout England or where it…

    Essex Skipper

    Name: Essex Skipper Scientific name: Thymelicus lineola Where to find it: The Essex Skipper is found all over the southern…