Camera Obscura

The camera obscura was designed and created by Anna Heinrich & Leon Palmer.

Here is a short overview of their concept of Hadleigh Park and how the idea of a camera obscura came about.

20150626HadleighMTB-136‘The idea for these artworks has evolved out of our research into the history of the site and through numerous visits to Hadleigh Park. On our first visit to the place, the vast panoramic views from the hills left us with the strongest impression, but we were also intrigued by the historical importance of Hadleigh as a site for observation and defence.

The World War II Gun Emplacements which are scattered about the site both above and underground also fired our imagination. The most recent developments have also added another layer to the terrain and the idea to create an underground camera obscura evolved from observing the landscape and structures of the new bike trails, whilst making reference to the buried World War II Gun emplacements hidden beneath the soil.

The camera obscura would make an extraordinary view and allow visitors to the site to experience it as an ethereal and inverted image focused through a large 267 mm diameter lens.’

The camera obscura is located in the bike park, but is only a very short walk from the main Hadleigh Park buildings. The path and obscura are designed to be accessible for everyone.

 Opening times:

The camera obscura is currently closed.