Olympic MTB course adaptions

This footage was taken back in 2012 after the Olympics. It shows Annie Last now of Novus OMX Pro, going around the original Olympic MTB track. The video also details the adaptions that have been made to make the course more accessible for all abilities.


Hadleigh Farm

The Salvation Army’s Hadleigh Farm has evolved over the last 120 years. Today they are a commercial farm, a place of natural beauty, committed to environmental and social progress, and home to an English Heritage site.

As well as being the host venue for the London 2012 Mountain Bike course, Hadleigh Farm offers a number of attractions for the whole family. Their guided walks offer a fascinating insight into the Hadleigh Farm area, including the historic 14th century Hadleigh Castle and their commercial farm.

Their tea rooms are renowned throughout the local community and beyond for the quality of food and the atmosphere. You will be served by trainees from the Hadleigh Training Centre which works to re-train people with special educational needs. Next to the tea room is the farm shop where they sell unique homemade goods and produce.

They combine their commitment to environmental conservation with family fun at their rare breeds centre. People of all ages will love their rare ponies, pigs and goats.


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GB Mountain Bike Squad – Hadleigh Farm – March 2014

In August 2012 Hadleigh Farm hosted the London 2012 Olympic Mountain Bike events where over 40,000 spectators flocked to the farm over two days. In March, 2014 members of the GB Mountain Bike squad returned and Dave Black was ready with his Quadcopter……..
Thanks to Rob Anderson for arranging for me to film
Music by Lino Rise