British Cycling Inter-Regional MB Championship

The British Cycling’s Inter-Regional Mountain Bike Championship Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th September.
This is the seventh year that the event has run. Due to the hard work put in byof the officials, team staff and other volunteers, the event keeps growing from strength to strength. It has become a focal point for youth racing with the objective of further developing youth bike racers. The skills required to be competitive at this stage of their racing will help them much farther down the line. It allows them to develop their individual skills and also racing as part of a team.
How do you become a Champion?
Riders are selected to be part of a team of 8 riders. There are teams from each of the 14 British Cycling regions, this includes Scotland and Wales. They compete individually and as a team across 4 different events. All the events take place over the weekend and the results will decide who the overall winners will be.
On the Day:
The event timetable will shortly be published. This information will show which is the best day for you to come and watch the potential future champions.